Antq German Botanical Print Allerspach Litho Engraving Johann Christof Volckamer

This is a beautiful antique botanical print by Johann Christof Volckamer, not a new reproduction. The print artwork is amazing and detailed, showing a country farm scene under the plant "Leonurus", a team of white horses pulling a hay wagon with barns, houses and trees in the rolling countryside. The print also reads "Die Gegend bey Allerspach" ("the area of Allerspach"); also has "pag 232 b" in top right corner and a small penciled "1690" at the very bottom edge. It is unknown if this is a lithograph print or engraving, it appears to be hand-colored but not for sure. No signature which is common for these engraving/prints. Measuring 14 1/8"H x 9"W, points on three corners of the print edge are missing, there are two 1/2" tears in the margin, none of these affecting the outlined print. There are two light folds, not heavy creases, one across the lower left corner in the margin and a larger one across the right, as shown in photos. There are also light "dots" of color/fiber of the print which are original when the paper was made, they are on both front and back. There is one small 1/2" piece of what appears to be tape on the back side/outer edge - it doesn't cover a tear so unknown why it's there. Also just noticed tiny penciled initials in the lower right corner of the outer margin which are hard to read, maybe an S over a C or a ... read more