Anyone Can Play C6 Lap Steel Guitar

Hi there,
You are bidding on DVD on beginners C6 Lap Steel Guitar. I have decided to focus on guitar and am now selling my lap steel and this DVD. The delivery from this guy is pretty dry but he covers all the basics and gives a good understanding of how C6 works. There are a lot of tunings out there, but this one gives the best flexibility. I am also selling my Lap Steel too. If you win both I can combine postage.
'The course will take you through the very basics of getting started, including the proper way to hold the steel, tuning, changing strings, right and left hand technique, as well as licks and positions. Advanced techniques, intros and a classic song are also taught. Rob will also cover topics such as the necessary gear and an explanation of how to get the right sound out of your lap steel guitar. You will learn everything you need to know to have a good foundation for further learning. Rob has included many tips and tricks in this DVD which he has acquired in over 30 years of playing professionally'
Feel free to email me any questions.
No returns, sorry. DVD will be sent out once payment has been received.