AoN Rough Opal Australian Coober Pedy potch color fossil shell 22.65cts


Jz3 729

Beautiful potch and color opalised skinny shell mined at Coober Pedy Opal fields from our own mine. Weight : 22.65 cts - Size approx : 22mm x 20mm x 12 mm No colors
flashes ! Almost no flashes, blueish potch. Honey base. A nice shape of the fossilised opalised bivalve, some sand inclusions, a beautiful specimen. It is about 100-120 million years old.

A great and original piece of natural opal.

Don't miss out !

Pictures of opal are taken under artificial light with a digital camera, opals are wet when taken to reveal all the potential of the stone once polished. Pictures are taken from different angles and at various distances from the lamp, therefore the opals might look darker on some photographs.

and will never show true brillance as seen by human eyes.

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