Aphex 320A COMPELLOR - Dual Channel Automated Compresso

The 320A delivers "intelligent" compressor action, leveling and peak limiting simultaneously. It can be used to solve audio level problems and improve audio signals in the broadcast or recording studio, tape duplication house, film-dubbing studio or in live sound applications. Patented control circuits include analog computers that continuously analyze the input signal, and vary the control characteristics to provide for virtually undetectable operation, regardless of the dynamics of the program.

Extremely easy to operate, the user only needs to set the Drive level to generate the desired amount of processing, set the Process Balance control between Leveling and Compression and adjust the Output level for unity gain. The 320A is then ready to provide complete dynamic control - smooth, inaudible compression, increased system gain, desired program density and the freedom from constant "gain riding" - all performed automatically. Its unique circuit design actually enhances transient qualities, thus making even heavy processing undetectable.

The 320A provides the option of Dual Mono or Stereo operation. In mono mode, unit provides two completely independent channels of processing. In Stereo mode, the user can choose between linking only the leveling control signals or linking both the compression and leveling signals.

• Two channels of automatic compression/leveling/limiting • Dual mono or stereo operation • Intelligent Automated Gain Control (AGC) for consistent program levels • "Invisible" compression characteristics assure tighter dynamics and virtually transparent performance • Instantaneous peak limiting for effective system protection (user defeatable) • Adaptive control circuits make for fast, simple set-up and no readjustment for varying program dynamics
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