Apollo 11 Moonshot Glass, Man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, Wapakoneta, Ohio 1969

Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 moon landing glass, Wapakoneta, Ohio


SIZE: Height 6 inches x Width 2.75 inches
CONDITION: Never used, Very good, no chips or cracks.

DESCRIPTION: This is a Commemorative Apollo11 Moon landing that occurred July 20, 1969, the first time man landed on the moon. These glasses will become rarer as time goes on. It is colored in patriotic colors, red, white and blue. This is a time in history when the world watched, one thing and one thing only… the very first moon landing.

· On one side of the glass it has the Eagle lunar module & Neil Armstrong (the first man to walk on the moon); it has the word Moonshot and along the top of the picture it reads “Wapakoneta, Ohio”.

· On the other side it shows a picture of the bald eagle hovering over the moon’s surface with the Earth in the distant background and it reads “First Man On The Moon - July 20, 1969" above the United States flag. Along the top of the picture it reads “Neil A. Armstrong”.

· The pictures are separated on one side with “APOLLO 11” and on the other side “USA”.

· This glass also doubles as a regular glass and by turning it over, a shot glass.

Please note, “Liquid Fuel Red Line” appears above the red line at
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