APOLLO 16 LUNAR SOIL SAMPLE DISK (REPLICA) The terrestrial sample in this disk is physically and chemically nearly identical to the actual samples brought back from the moon by the Apollo astronauts. The disk shows small grains containing mainly anorthosite, olivine, and pyroxine, which replicate the regolith found at the Apollo 16 landing site. The light colored rock forms the lunar highland regions and is the fractured remains of the original lunar crust. Many samples similar to this were brought back from the Cayley Plains of the Descartes Southern Highland Region of the moon by the Apollo 16 astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke. PLUS EXTRAS The lot comes with a nice brass display stand, a protective cloth, a 21 page NASA teacherâe(tm)s guide to the Moon, a 10 page paper on lunar soil, a Moon lithograph, a color reprint of Apollo 16 Commander John Young on the moon, and several other items. As a retired teacher I have decided to sell some items that have been in my collection for many years. The disk was used in my class for students to study rock and mineral types. It is in excellent shape, despite being handled and dropped several times. T is a small crack just below the text which does not detract from the overall appearance. The clear acrylic plastic disk is 4 inches in diameter and about ¾ inch thick. It is very unique ... read more