Appealing Flower Motif Juban for Furisode Kimono#35075

Appealing Flower Motif Juban for Furisode Kimono#35075
Item No : #35075 Item : Juban(undergarment) for Furisode History : quite old (mid-Showa period(Showa:1926-1989)) Condition : very good Fabric : silk Lining : synthetic Technique : dyed and shibori(tie-dye) Weight : 0.77kg This is a silk juban for furisode from mid-Showa period(Showa:1926-1989).
It ahs appealing flower motif, which is dyed with shibori(tie-dye) over impressive rinzu(damask effect) pattern.
It has textured and soft touch.
Length of sleeve is 105.5cm-41.5".
T are some discoloration and slight small patinas as shown on photos.
Regarding the lining, it has a stain on back.
Still it will be a good material for your handicraft.
*Approx background color - Light Pink HTML code (F6EEE3)

â- â- â-

Softness ( Exceptionally Soft, â--ZSoft, Medium, Comparatively Stiff, Stiff )
description: tagawa

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Size sleeve to sleeve 128 cm 50 1/2" length 147.5 cm 58" back width 62.5 cm 24 3/4" around hip 91 cm 35 3/4" About size
Length -- (for women) Kimono and furisode are made to be long so as to adjust to the wearer's height by folding at the waist. To wear a kimono or furisode the traditional way, you'll need to find a kimono which measures approximately the same length as your height in inches. However, even a slightly shorter kimono can be adjusted to fit you height. If you are tall, t may be no need to fold the kimono at the waist. ( for men ) Men don't wear kimono with folding at the waist. So the length of kimono will be the hight of your shoulder.
Width -----
The hip measurement equals the size when the kimono is wrapped around the body. This measurement shows the maximum size. Those who are more petite can also wear the same kimono, folding it at the waist to adjust the length.
Sleeve-to-sleeve size is an important factor in finding the right size kimono. Sleeves tend to be short enerally. Remember, if you are tall, it is wise to select the kimono with the longer sleeve-to-sleeve size. If you know your sleeve-to-sleeve size, you can use this length as your reference. To measure: Lift your arms straight out horizontally at shoulder level and measure from wrist to wrist.
Do you think you get the idea for finding the best size for you? If not, feel free to send us an email. Be sure to include your measurements in inches. We will be happy to assist you.
(Note: For Japanese customers: The around-hip size is `maehaba + ushirohaba' x 2. Sleeve to sleeve size is `yuki' x 2.)

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