Apple MacBook Pro A1286 15.4" Laptop - MD322LL/A (October, 2011) 16GB of RAM

This MacBook Pro is a late 2011 model. It has the 2.4 GHz i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and 750 GB hard drive. It has Intel 3000 graphics for power savings and AMD Radeon 6770M with 1 GB of VRAM for performance. It has a 1440x900 resolution display.
The computer works but the battery has over 500 cycles on it and it will not run for more than a few minutes when it is charged. Also, occasionally the graphics will become corrupt. One of the pictures shows that during the fresh installation of Yosemite. The computer doesn't freeze when this happens so I think that it is isolated to the video adapter. It doesn't happen very often and I often use it for extended periods of time without this happening.
Everything else seems to work fine and it some with a fresh installation of Yosemite. Includes the MacBook and the 85W power adapter.