Apple Macintosh Color Classic Apple lle Card & Ethernet

You are bidding on a working Macintosh Color Classic computer with Apple IIe card and Asante 10BT Ethernet card.
Everyone has their favorite vintage Mac. The Macintosh Color Classic was a historic first for Apple: The first all-in-one Mac to have a color screen. Not much bigger than the original Macintosh, the Color Classic has a beautiful Sony Trinitron color screen and has become one of the most collectible vintage Macs. To learn more about the Color Classic, please cut and paste the following link into your browser and take a look:
This particular Color Classic is loaded . It has 8 megabytes of memory and the video RAM has been expanded to display thousands of colors. The original 80 megabyte hard drive has been replaced with a freshly formatted and tested 500 MB hard drive. The drive boots System 7.5 and has a few utilities, but is mostly empty just waiting for your stuff. The clock battery has been replaced with a fresh one so that the date, time, and parameter settings are maintained even without power. See photo 5 for the full configuration.
What really makes this Color Classic stand out, however, is that it comes with two accessory cards that make it very much more useful than a run-of-the-mill CC. The two cards (photo 7) are an Asante Ethernet card and an Apple IIe card. Installing
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