Apple Macintosh Mac SE FDHD WORKING 80MB HDD 4MB RAM OS 7 w/games mouse keyboard

For sale is a working Apple Macintosh SE FDHD. According to , this was the was the 12642d manufactured during the 45th week of 1989 in Fremont, CA. Included are a working Apple-branded power cord, ADB mouse, and ADB keyboard.

The RAM has been fully upgraded to 4MB, which is the maximum this model can have. The system software is Mac OS 7.1. This was previously owned by either a student or a university staff member, I'm not sure which. The hard drive holds 80MB and contains software left behind by previous owners, including:


-DateBook Pro


-Microsoft Basic

-Microsoft Excel

-Microsoft Word

-Norton Utilities


-TouchBase Pro




-Oregon Trail




-Strategic Command

-many others

I added several archived games, including the classic adventure games Another Fine Mess, Ray's Maze, and Twisted. The winning bidder can run the self-extracting archives to install within minutes.

The diskette drive works smoothly and reads HD diskettes. I have included a photograph of a diskette loaded with its used and available capacity to show this. The diskette intake sometimes requires a gentle extra push, but the eject works fine. The mouse
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