Apple Powerbook 100

The Apple Powerbook 100 was the first modern laptop computer. All laptops have emulated it since release in 1991. Before the Powerbook 100, laptops had no integrated wrist rest, keyboards sat at the front edge and pointing devices were mounted wherever the manufacturer found convenient (or no pointing device at all). A real collector's item.
• Apple Powerbook 100. Boots from the included floppy drive. Screen lights up, but shows no image. Hard drive spins up but will not boot the Mac. Keystrokes and trackball movements produce appropriate audio cues when
• Case in excellent condition. Very clean. Minor yellowing of the top cover. Screen lid hinge action is like new. No cracks, chips or noticeable scuffs. Port cover door and PRAM battery tray are perfect. Tilt feet swivel into position easily.
• Floppy drive accepts and ejects disks fine. Powerbook will boot from the floppy drive indicating that floppy drive is OK. Case and cable in excellent condition.
• All ports appear to be in good condition, clean and functional.
• AC adapter is in good cosmetic condition, cable and connector are good, but does not produce enough voltage to run the Powerbook or charge the battery.
• Battery Biz, 3rd party battery is installed. Battery will trickle charge using the included PIL brand AC adapter (see picture). After charging,
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