Aquaskipper / Aqua Skipper / Hydrofoil (New model)

Factory refurbished (may have minor scratches), but it has the same warranty as the new ones and will be shipped out from the Inventist factory .

AquaSkipper’s patented design, hydrofoil wings and fiberglass spring let you fly across the water by hopping up and down. The secret to your awesome power? Hydrofoil wings have very little drag in the water. Plus the aircraft aluminum frame weighs a mere 26 pounds. So take-on the surf. Try new tricks. Race your friends. And turn heads everyw you ride. When the fun is done, quickly stow your AquaSkipper in the optional tote bag. It's environmentally-friendly. No noise pollution. No air pollution. No water pollution. No engine. And with AquaSkipper, the only fuel you’ll burn are the calories from an exhilarating and invigorating and cardiovascular workout. Check out the videos below.

Features Specifications Easy disassembly for transport
Fast: up to 17 mph
Lots of fun! Weight: 26 pounds
Wingspan: 7 feet
Length: 6 feet
Material: aircraft aluminum
Don't Be Fooled By Illegal Copies!

How can you identify an authentic Inventist AquaSkipper from counterfeiters? So to protect yourself and our good name, are the four key ways to distinguish our patented design from the inferior fakes:

Materials. The Inventist AquaSkipper utilizes
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