AR drachm of Nahapana (50-100AD), Indo-Scythian Satraps

High quality! Rare silver drachm of Nahapana (ca. 50-75 AD (?)), Kshaharatas of Saurashtra, Ancient India

Notes: Bust of Nahapana right with collar showing, wearing a satrapal cap, corrupt Greek inscription: PANNIW ΣAHAPATAC NAHAPANAC / Arrow pointing downwards to the left, thunderbolt to the right, dot between them, two inscriptions – one in Brahmi (RaJno KsaHaRaTaSa NaHaPaNaSa, reading left to right) and one in Kharoshti (RaNo KsaHaRaTaSa NaHaPaNaSa, reading right to left). 18mm, 2.35 grams. Rare this nice! Mitchener 1253; Boppearachchi p.139, #3.
The Kshaharatas were the descendants of Parata Rajas, the Indo-Parthian vassals in Saurashtra. They became independent in 78 AD, the 1st year of the Saka Era. The dates of Nahapana’s reign are still unclear – his reign is dated anywhere between ca.50 AD and 124 AD. Many of Nahapana's coins are overstruck by Gautamiputra Satakarni of the Satavahanas (ca.106-130 AD), who reigned for 24 years and claimed to have destroyed Nahapana in his 18th year. Nahapana has inscriptional dates 41-46; it's not clear whether these are regnal dates or dates in the Saka Era (or some other era). There are coins from Sind of the Indo-Parthian Satavastres overstruck by Nahapana and coins of Nahapana overstruck by Satavastres; they were probably contemporaries. Sases(Gondophares-Sases) also
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