ARABIA Ruija 6 Tab Soup or Salad Bowls MINT

Ruija Pattern

Arabia of Finland

Vintage, Highly Collectible, 1970's

6 Tabbed or Lugged Soup - Salad Bowls

Condition: Mint

Up for auction this Sunday are several pieces in one of Arabia's most beautiful patterns, Ruija, just in time for Christmas Dinner and New Year's parties. These pieces could also be treasured gifts for someone who collects Ruija.

The Ruija pattern is executed in charcoal gray and brown on a beautiful pale brown ground. Cups and serving pieces are encircled with a garland of hand painted large leaves; plates and bowls feature the rich chocolate wide band with a narrower near-black band inside it.

This pattern has increased in value, not only because of the appeal of the its vivid colors, its sharp lines, and it's beautiful blending with Southwestern warm color palettes as well as the sharper acidic modernistic colors of grays, blues and whites, but also the quality of the ceramics is outstanding.


These are the lugged soup or salad bowls with a deeper "well" that many Americans prefer. They stack nicely, too.

The mark on the bottom indicates it was manufactured in the 1970's.

The bowl is 5 1/2 inches in diameter at the rim (not counting the tabs) and 2 1/8 inches tall.

Condition: Very shiny, gorgeous
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