Arachnid 6300 Dart board CPU English Mark Darts

This is a used pcb board for a Arachnid English Mark Darts model 6300 Dart machine (the type shown in one of the pictures below). It probably works fine (sold "as-is" because we do not have a means to test these and also cannot be sure it will be properly re-installed). These were pulled from working dart machines approx. 10 years ago when the cabinets were upgraded to the Galaxy system (although in hindsight the 6300 was a much more dependable system). This board has been sitting on a shelf ever since. If you have a 6300 dart machine then this is a great opportunity to pick up a spare logic board for a low price.

This particular board has a ver. 2.7 eprom chip.

Please note that these boards are for machines equipped with super-spider dart heads. If you have the older version pre super-spider dart head then you will need additional interfacing parts in order to use this CPU board with that head. We do have those parts available in limited quantities, contact us for additional information. If your dart head is the Super-Spider then this board will work as is. The Super Spider dart head has the yellow frame that is more or less flush with the segments. On the earlier (pre Super-Spider) Arachnid dart heads the yellow frame is actually running above the segments. The frame runners are triangular with the upper point
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