Up for auction today is an Arachnid Super 6 Plus II English Mark Darts arcade machine. This coin operated machine allows up to 4 players to play a variety of games that include:

301 Open In/Open Out Count Up Tic Tac Darts 501 Open In/Open Out 701 Open In/Double Out 301 Double In/Double Out Cricket - standard 2-4 players; Cutthroat 2-4 players; Team Cricket - 2 teams only

This coin-operated machine includes the key for back door and access to game, manual, and darts with extra tips. It was manufactured in the late '90's and the model number is AD6500.

The cabinet seems to be in pretty nice condition, the monitor has a nice display and the game powers on and seems to work fine.

Please contact me for shipping rates. It could also be picked up at no charge. It weighs about 220 pounds, and is 7' 1 1/4" high, 16" deep and 25 1/2" wide.

Sold AS IS, I will be listing other games, so feel free to come and chek them out before you bid.