Arcade Carnival Erie Digger Claw Crane

Now this is the real deal.....Up for bid is a completely restored Erie Digger Crane Machine.The mechanism was made by Wayne Mayberry is the early 60's and comlpletely ground up restored in the late 90's by Jim Roller. For those of you who do not know Jim please check his site Jim is an old carney guy who truly loves diggers....they are passion with him. He has told me that this model is updated and improved over the 30's models and is one of the most reliable he has ever restored.The pictures do not do it is like new and operates just as it should. It is currently set up as a skill stop with a 25 cent mechanism. It could easly be coverted to a 6 way stop and use any coin denomination you would like.

It comes complete with all that you see....Jim custom built a functional shipping crate that really completes the look.I cannot imagine for the life of me that anyone could be disappointed with this beauty. In the 6 years or so that I have owned it I have had to replace the chain once. Period. No problems, No kiddin" Built to last forever.

I own a shoe store and I purchased this with the idea that I could give the kids some free plays and have some fun and it has certainly worked out that way......a whole lot more fun than talking about the price of shoes...but the look of the store is changing and it has to

Jim also built the cabinet. solid wood.Superb Period signage....a work of art to say the very least. Worth mentioning is the fact that Jim has stopped his restorations so t ain't no more w this one came from..and he told me that last two like this went for $2850 and $3100 and apart from the paint loss on the red wheel this is just as nice and slick as the day he brought it to me....

Now I could start this at a buck with a huge reserve and play a lot of games but that just isn't the opener is $1000 with no reserve high bidder takes it home.....

Shipping is always a concern and I can offer three sensible choices...First of all you can come and get it in Texarkana Texas.....Second we can use Pilot Air...will cost about $200 and they will bring it to the closest major airport to you..check out Third North American Van lines... will bring it to your gameroom for $250-300 check out the website and give them a call use 75503 for a starting ziip code. PLease ask all questions before bidding and I will answer quickly and honestly....and if you want to talk please e-mail with your number and suggest a time and I will give you a ring.

BUT I do not end auctions early for any reason....I just don't. Paypal.cashiers checks and money orders are welcome...scammers are not.......I would appreciate payment within 7 days of the end of the auction.Thanks for looking.

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