Arcade Machine -Electric Energizer

I am relisting this item due to an unfortunate event in which my user name and ID was pirated in an attempt to answer what I thought was a legitimate question that did appear in my ebay messages. The perpetrator took control and ended the auction early and sent out bogus 2nd offers along with bogus contact information and item numbers. This was reported to e-bay along with documentation. My apologies to all who bid on the item. In fairness, the only way I know how to restore an even playing field is this re-listing. Thanks in advance for your understanding. I have also lowered the reserve a bit.

The Exhibit Supply "Spear the Dragon" Electric Energizer was an ornate upright arcade game from the 1925-1927 era that played for one penny. It a had beautiful background in which endurance to shock was tested by holding on to the two metal knobs while watching a warrior slowly cross a bridge with spear in hand to slay the mighty dragon at the other end. Voltage is increased as the warrior's movement across the bridge advances. Fantasy adds to the successful player who hangs on until the red light illuminates, a loud bell rings, and the dragon is speared. The hardy player is not only the winner but the dragon slayer. Twin sentrys stand at attention in the playfield which reads" Spear the Dragon - Test Your Nerve - Can You Hold the
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