Arcadia,CA-LUCKY BALDWIN RANCH 3 Men Picking Oranges wTall Ladders-c1905 UB PC

"PICKING ORANGES ON RANCH OF E. J. (LUCKY) BALDWIN, CAL." is the Caption on the Front of this VERY OLD cir6a 1905 Undivided Back B&W Postcard with no publisher or number unused and in Excellent Condition. Los Angeles Co. County Ca. Cal. Calif. California Historic Ranch Scene harvesting oranges from a very large tree. WIKIPEDIA INFO: The town of Arcadia was originally part of Rancho Santa Anita and owned by San Gabriel Mission, Mayor-Domo, Claudio Lopez. It was named after a family relation, Anita Cota, on his wife's side. In 1839, a large area of land that included the present-day borders of Arcadia was sold to a Scottish immigrant, Hugo Reid . Reid documented the Native Americans in a series of letters written in 1852 and served as a delegate to the 1849 California Constitutional Convention . The land holding changed owners several times before being acquired by the real estate speculator and notorious womanizer Elias Jackson "Lucky" Baldwin in 1875. Baldwin purchased 8,000 acres (32 km 2) of Santa Anita for $200,000. Upon seeing the area, he gasped “By Gads! This is paradise!” Upon buying the land, Lucky chose to make the area his home and immediately started erecting buildings and cultivating the land for farming, orchards and ranches. Buyer to pay $1.50 for US and $2.25 for Foreign S&H and total payment is by Paypal


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