Arcadia Quest Inferno: Poison, Chaos, Fire and Frost Dragon Expansions Set

This listing is for one copy of each of the four dragon expansions for Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest Inferno: Fire, Frost, Chaos, and Poison. They were opened up and played once (by adults, not kids) before being consolidated down into the Frost Dragon box for easy storage. The expansions are complete aside from the boxes for the other three dragons and the box inserts that all four dragons were originally shipped in (that original packaging was pretty low quality, so you aren't missing much).
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What you get with this listing: Everything to play each of the four dragons!
- Game Boards
- Instruction Manuals
- Dragon Figures
- Dragon Monster Cards
- Quest Cards
- Dragon Ability Cards
- Item Decks
- Dragonstone Cards
What you don't get with this listing: Original packaging for the dragons.
- No boxes for Fire, Chaos, Poison dragons
- No box inserts for any of the four dragons