Arcane Legions - Servants Of Thebes Egyptians set

These are tough to find, as they went out-of-print fairly quickly (probably because these are solid resin, unlike the plastic dragons & ballistas of the other Special Editions.)

These Egyptian Sphinxes have never been out of the plastic, so they are in perfect shape.

Cleopatra's fell necromancy and the dvergar's ingenious golem technology have combined once more to produce a monstrosity the likes of which have never before been seen by man. Exhuming the long-dead bodies of the great Sphinxes of the desert, the Queen of the Egyptian Imperium has created massive hulks of undead flesh and steel whose sole purpose is to kill the living. Don't miss out! The SERVANTS OF THEBES are limited in quantity.

Game Contents:1 Tomb Guardian of Anubis Figure 1 Tomb Guardian of Ostris 4 Unit Cards 2 Formation Bases