Archaeology of Oregon ARROWHEADS DIETZ SITE Caves 1993

's an excellent reference book for historians, archaeologist, head hunters, artifact collectors in the Pacific Northwest - namely Oregon. This is a softcover book Archaeology of Oregon by C. Melvin Aikens, 302 pages published by The Bureau of Land Management > BLM. In good condition! The photographs are fantastic as are the drawings. sampling of chapters:

time perspective, Stratigraphic excavation, Radiocarbon dating, typological cross-dating, language Diversity, Cultural Tradtion and prehistory ..

Excavation / digging sites.. sampling: Dietz Site, Fort Rock Cave, Fossil Lake, Buffalo Flat, Connley Caves, Big M Site, Carlon Village, Boulder Village, Seven Mile Ridge Dave, Far View Butte, Paisley Five Mile Point Cave, Lake Albert, Warner Valley, Catlow and Roaring Springs Caves, Skull Creek Dunes, Malheur Lake, Diamond Pond ... Stinkingwater Mountain, Steens Mountain, Alvord Desert, ..

Areas: Columbia Plateau : Deschutes and John Day, Pilcher Creek, The Dalles, Sherar's Butte, Lava Island Rockshelter, Wickiup Dam and Odell Lake, Kawumkan Springs, Bezuksewas Village ...

.. Pacific Coast and Lower Columbia River: Tahkenitch, Umpqua, Pistol River, Yaquina Head, Whale Cove, Palmrose, Tillamook Site, Cholick Site, Meier Site,

Willamette Valley: Mohawk River, Perkins Park, Kirk Park, Inman

Southwestern Mountains: Applegate river, Tlegtlinten, Gold HIll, Saltgaver, Ritsch and Marthaller, ...

Klamath Basin

sampling of illustrations: Projectile points .. woven sandals .. tule fiber bag .. skin bag .. badger head bag .. rabbit net .. wooden snares .. petroglyphs .. Long Lake oregon .. beads .. bone gambling pieces .. stone knives .. obsidian .. rock .. pestle and choppers ...pottery .. more and more

If you are interested in American Indians .. Native American artifacts .. arrowheads and more .. history and more.. You will really enjoy this book.

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