Archiblocks - Frank Lloyd Wright set

If you have read the web articles, Bower Studios Archiblocks are solid Maple hardwood, and are the only architectural block ever crafted in the United States of America!

These blocks are not play-things just for children! They are absolute conversation pieces and were created for adults too!

Created in the 1990s, these blocks 'ranged' in price from $89 to $249 - depending on which set was purchased.

90% of the customers bought these blocks as adults (for adults) as a gift for themselves or a conversation piece at their office.

They are now extremely sought after.

The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright never stopped playing with blocks, then became an architect.

Set them up in your home, den or office and see how they become a magnetic centerpiece - everyone wants to try new arrangments.

Because they are American made hardwood maple, they are the most durable of hardwoods.

**This set was unused before setting up for the photographs shown. The box has its 'instructional' leaflet but is missing the picture attachement to the outside of the box. The corner of one pillar is rounded, otherwise, all 68 pieces are in perfect condition.**