Archie's Pal, Jughead #75-270 (23 Issues)

I am selling about 20K comics from golden to copper age. All different kinds like Gold Key, Harvey, Charlton, Marvel, DC, Dell, superhero, indy so let me know if you're looking for anything in

I have been collecting comics for over 30 years so rest assured that I know how to grade. I try to use my GCGs as examples and of course my experience. If I was perfect I would be working at CGC so I do make mistakes sometimes...but even some of their grading doesn't make sense sometimes. With all that being said, the following is my return policy

Partial Refund: If you bought 10 comics for $10 and one of them was misgraded then I will refund you for that one comic as a percentage of the total.
I tend to undergrade so chances are it would be something I missed accidentally. You must provide a picture to prove that the comic was misgraded
MORE THAN ONE FULL GRADE . Sorry, but I'm not taking your word for it..don't take it personally but I'm sure you know there's a lot of shady people on here. Yes I know you may have been bidding for that one high grade comic and all the others brings the refund down.

Full Refund: If you want a full refund then the comics must be returned (you pay return shipping) before any refund is given. Even though this is "free shipping" it of course
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