Arg 800 lot silver flatware fork spoon knife Cameo

In this auction are six 6 pieces of antique silverware given t me by an elderly friend of the family whose mother gave them to her. So if this is true, the silverware is at least more than sixty 60 years old.

T are one 1 serving spoon, two 2 small spoons possibly teaspoons or demitasse spoons, one 1 butter knife like a dinner knife, one 1 dinner spoon or tablespoon, and one 1 dinner fork. Six 6 pieces all together.

Now I know nothing about silverware or flateware other than that this has a very pretty cameo pattern on all the pieces. I have been told that these are possibly Argentinian from Argentina because of the marking "arg. 800" (ARG 800) on the back. I do know that these look valuable and I hope they catch your eye.

I think these could possibly be pure silver. BUT THEY ARE IN POOR CONDITION, they have never been cleaned or polished since I have owned them.

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