This is an estate pipe which has been cleanned and rejuvenated..This pipe has been rejuvenated and all clearing is done but the pipe bowl and stem have not been polished and bluffed.. Bargain pipes and are priced at $15.00 each and two(2) for $22.00 when shipped together ,so buy all you want and the shipping is free..To see all the pipes offered as bargain pipes please go to my ebay store and see bargain pipes and make your selections,to save money..Why do I send these pipes free!! I have too many pipes to clean,rejuvenate and polish,bluff so I pass a savings on to you on many of the pipes with are not totally rejuventated..

This briar estate pipe has normal build up in the tobacco chamber.. T are no cracks,chips that I see and the exterior is in good condition, t are no rim dents..I see no teethmarks on the stem and this briar pipe will give you many hours of filtered smoking enjoyment..This is a very nice looking permanent metal filter pipe and is in very good condition and this pipe arrives at your door for a total of $15.00..When you purchase two (2 ) bargain pipes for shipment together I will reduce the total purchase price to $22.00 and the s/h is still free.

The screw in stem stops perfect for smoking..T is a metal cap on both the shank and on the stem..The shank has four (4) dashs on the shank near the red dot
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