Ariel Pink - Yas Dudette (Rare, 2007 tour-only CD-R)

I bought this CD-R at his show he played at the Independent in San Francisco. Gang Gang Dance headlined and Mick Barr opened the show. This was before Ariel pink formed his current line-up of musicians. Geneva Jacuzzi was the one selling the merch and I believe she had some part in making these unique collage, hand-made gatefold covers. This is an amazing collector's piece and bummed out to be parting with it because I know if I hold onto it it's going to be worth so much as time passes, but I need the cash to make ends meet. I took really good care of this by keeping it in a drawer where I store highly rare, valuable things. So it's been in dry, room-temp conditions, and I only played it once when I burned the songs onto my iTunes back in 2007. Basically it's in the same exact condition I purchased it. Thanks for checking out this auction, and
Tracklist (as written on the postcard):
1. Bogalusa, Louisiana 2. Doggone, She Gone 3. Shit Pigs 4. Poultry Pigs 5. Spiders in the Snow 6. Cemetaries/Railroads 7. My Molly 8. Stevie Storm/Ariel/Kinkaid/Shower Me With Lipstick 9. The Night Has Opened My Eyes 10. Go x 2 11. Honeymoon in the Big Apple 12. The Bottom 13. Real Bad Liar 14. The Facts of Destiny 15. Witchhunt Suite for WWIII pt.1 16. Witchhunt Suite for WWIII pt.2 17. Steviepink
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