Arisaka dust cover excellent w/riveted L stop-t38 or 99

Up for consideration is what I know to be a 100% original Japanese Arisaka dust cover in excellent condition. What I don't know is whether or not it was designed for the type 38 or the type 99. I bought it years ago for my mint type 99 which has been sold and it was a perfect fit and appeared as though it was made for this model. The person I originally bought it from sold it as a type 99 cover. What I can say is that it is 6" long and has a riveted L stop inside the cover. On the rear of the cover is some kanji and the # 302. Finish on the outside of the cover is what I would rate at 95%+ and about the same on the inside of the cover. Finish is almost as good as it can get without getting one never on a rifle. Pic's should tell the story, if you need more let me know & I'll get them. Shipping will be USPS priority at 6.00 anyw in the US. Insurance is optional at buyers discretion, but not responsible once an item enters postal system. Payment can be by USPS money order which ships next day or by personal check, in which case item will be held till clear, usually 7-10 days. I'll let the experts determine if it's designed for the 38 or the 99 but it fits both so if you own a stunning example of this fine rifle, this is the dust cover you need to finish it off. Any questions, just ask.

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