G Aristo Craft 11900 RAIL JOINERS 2Packs=24 & 2Packs SET SCREWS/BOLTS Parts NOS

One is a series of parts THAT ARE NEW, BUT LISTED AS USED DUE TO THEIR AGED FACTORY PACKAGING. None of the items we list are perfect. Nothing is tested SOLD FOR PARTS OR FOR RESTORATION PLEASE CHECK THE PICTURE(S) CLOSELY FOR THE GENERAL CONDITION AND ANY OTHER MISSING/BROKEN PARTS THAT WERE OVERLOOKED. Hopefully the picture(s) will provide more details than our limited typing skills can!!! STORED AND SHIPPED FROM A SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENT Recycled shipping materials used, when available All the train items we list are as they came from collections purchased over the years and should be considered to be in "played with condition" All items are SOLD AS IS -- Sold as RUNNERS ( with cleanup and TLC ), for RESTORATION, or PARTS for the buyer's project(s) We make NO TESTS ( unless mentioned in a short description above ) NOTHING WAS DONE TO THE ITEMS WE LIST No repairs were made No cleaning or tricky polish ups to make everything look nice in the picture(s) ( which many times is done with spray polish that eventually yellows !!! ) YOU SEE THE ITEMS JUST THE WAY THEY WERE FOUND IN THEIR SOMETIMES DECADES OLD STORAGE BOXES Most of the items come from the original owners or at least from collections that have not seen the light of day in decades The up side to this is everything has not been through the hands of several dealers, or WOULD ... read more