Aristo-Craft G Scale E-8 Diesel Locomotive Body Shell Parts

This is a project started, never finished , now just a basket case. I had i n mind to make a B Unit out of it, just never got around to doing it. Great source of parts here. Here's the details on the details:
Body shell has 3 of the 4 rear corner steps broke n and gone.
One porthole window missing , one loose.
On e side door assembly missing.
One roof ran assembly missing.
Cab side windows and one windshi eld missing.
Interi or control stand missing.
Roof Air ho rns missing.
No chassis, tr ucks, wires, circuit boards, smoke unit.
All the grabirons are there and attached.
Pilot only, no detail parts for it (if there are supposed to be any?)
All parts in ph otos included. There is a layer of dust on most of them.
Again, if you have an A Unit and want to make a B Unit this could provide the parts for it.