ARKANSAS RAZORBACK Hand Carved Fishing Lure Classic Hawg Style, A Must Have Item

Arkansas Razorback hand carved fishing lure. Carved by The Ozark Carver, signed and dated.

This is truly the classic style Hawg. That will catch a hog. A lean, mean, fish catching machine.

Also check out his running mates. Picture enclosed.

Made from basswood. Drilled and has a loud rattle inserted. Weighted so will lay properly in the water.

From snout to tail, the lure is 4 inches long, `1 inch wide, and 1 1/2 inches tall. The wood was sealed, painted with acrylics and covered with 2 coats of clear Poly eurethane. Two #4 treble hoods and a white skirt.

Comes complete with a swivel hook ready to tie on the line and do its job.

Complete lure weight 1.1 oz.

A Hawg Lure that will bust those bass. You get a lot of action out of this lure.

Comes in its own presentation case. A must have bragging item for the tackle box.

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