Arken Sword 29 comics fanzine 1989 Moebius Grant Morrison Brian Bolland Prisoner

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Arken Sword no.29, June 1989

Another high quality British comics fanzine

Condition: FN-

Full contents:

Will Eisner "A Contract With God & The Spirit" advert (Titan) 1pg, "Profiles" news of Simon Bisley, Brian Bolland with "The Actress & The Bishop" sketch art & Brian Bolland "Superman" art (an unpublished page from a proposed Superman's 50th birthday Museum comic), John Bolton, Glenn Fabry, Neil Gaiman "Neil Gaiman & Mark Buckingham are the new creative team on Miracleman... they plan to stay on the book for eighteen issues", Dave Gibbons, Garry Leach with "Jorey" & "Nightmaster" sketch art & "Spellbinders no.4" unused cover art, Brendan McCarthy, Art Spiegelman, Bryan Talbot, Matt Wagner, Tony Weare with "Matt Marriott" strip & Steve Yeowell 7pg, Gilbert & Jamie Hernandez joint interview, photo & extensive "Love & Rockets" art 12pg, Will Eisner interview & extensive art 10pg, Jean Giraud Moebius interview by Paul Duncan (from UKCAC 1988) & extensive art including "1973 self portrait", "Lieutenant Blueberry", "Westerns", rare sketches, paintings pencil roughs and thumbnails from "The Gardens Of Aedena" 15pg, A Contract With God by Will Eisner review feature
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