Arktis Black left handed thigh holster for pistol,brand new, r.r.p.£45

Arktis thigh holster for pistol left handed matte black
R.R.P. £45
Heavy Duty articulated construction
9mm mag pouch at side
Previously unavailable to the public, Arktis is now selling unique, one off prototype/ sample items direct from our warehouse in Exeter through our ebay shop, these cannot be found on the high street or anywhere online.
Arktis is an industry leader supplying police and military equipment to the united kingdom and worldwide. We are well known for both the durability and functionality of our products, this allows us to consistently provide world class equipment that is in demand for its quality and design. Arktis produces a cutting-edge line of top quality products designed for Performance, Function, Fit, and Durability. For 22 years all Arktis products have been produced by hand in the UK using only the finest materials and construction methods.
"Testing and Development is our constant. We are always working with many of the worlds premier military, security and police professionals, tuning and refining our products. Meeting the unique requirements of these elite units with custom designed products is our primary mission. Some of the areas we have supplied for would include counter terrorism, dog handling, EOD, long range patrolling, sniping, medical and surveillance
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