ARMAND SCHAUBROECK STEALS A Lot Of People Would Like To... Orig US 3-LP Mirror



A Lot Of People Would Like To See Armand Schaubroeck ... DEAD

Original US Triple LP released on Mirror Records in 1971. Triple-LP in Double-LP-Cover.

Armand Schaubroeck pours his experience over six sides of vinyl on this first release on his own Mirror Records label.

The saga of Armand P. Schaubroeck, prisoner #24145, and his partner in crime, Daniel P. McCabe, sentenced as youthful offenders on February 21, 1962, and imprisoned for 18 months in the Elmira Reformatory, a maximum security prison, is equal parts catharsis for the artist, as well as documentary. The cover has a bullet hole in the centre of Schaubroeck's forehead while he grins wide-eyed; the photos inside the gate-fold give a glimpse of the horror young Schaubroeck faced in the "reformatory."

The tracks are listed as "Scene I," "Scene II," "Scene III," and so on, beginning with the 17-year-old confessing his crimes to a priest, Schaubroeck and McCabe going to the "Rock & Bowl" to steal dimes, his last night with his girlfriend Suzy before sentencing, up to his being delivered to Elmira prison. The soap opera style documentary is broken up with some musical bits, from an Elvis style rave-up to reformulated '60s riffs, which help the stories move along.

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