Armani Why Me! Figurine #0162C - Retired 2002

Florence Sculture d'Arte Original Giuseppe Armani Figurine "Why Me!", #0162C, Retired 2002.

The figurine, approximately 9-1/2" tall, is in mint condition and has not been displayed except to take the photos. It comes in its original box and is encased in its original packing. It is a whimsical figurine of a lovely Victorian young lady in a red-orange hat with feathers who is walking by when two frolicsome little dogs jump at her feet for attention. With a surprised expression on her pretty face and hand on hip, she exclaims, "Why Me!" Note: this is the handpainted more expensive "C" finish and the desirable finish that is retired and increases in value, not the cheaper white unpainted "F" finish that recently sold on eBay for approximately $100. T is no comparison.

She is delicately handpainted and the sculptural detail is very expressive and sweet. The flesh tone on her face has a lovely soft pink tonality and is more beautiful than the photo depicts. The figurine has long white detailed sleeves, a high necked collar scalloped at the edges and white high buttoned shoes with the shoe part in the same red-orange tonality as the hat. These fine details are barely perceptible in the picture. Armani's humor and playful nature is evident in this figurine. He has captured the moment and the universal appeal of this figurine.
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