ARMENIAN FOLK ART Gift DOLL Armenia TARAZ COSTUMES- Zeytoun Yerevan Vaspourakan

Our main goal is to introduce Armenian art to outside the country; to make Armenian art products accessible to anyone in the World & specifically to the Armenian Diaspora. By bridging talented Artists from Armenia to the World, we give them a great support & by doing so we encourage them to continue creating more beautiful artworks!

BUY ARMENIAN SOUVENIRS, PAINTINGS, CRAFTS, CARVINGS & other HAND MADE ARTWORKS & by doing so, Support "MADE IN ARMENIA" Products! Support Armenian Art! Support Armenian Artists!

We work directly with Artist on commission basis & the most part of your purchased prices goes to the Artists & their families. In our store we focus on quality, talent and creativity. We also are putting a lot of emphasis on emerging talent, young artists producing great work, but who are not yet as well known as they should be.

"A nation is known to the world by its cultural art, when that art becomes prosperous and grows, that nation will grow in the mind of others. " William Saroyan

100% Handmade in ARMENIA Unique 3pc. Gift Set- Folk Art Décor Figurine Collection

3 Women in Different Armenian Traditional Costumes (Taraz): ZEYTOUN , YEREVAN & VASPOURAKAN

Armenia has a rich artistic tradition. Its people have
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