Bo Randall began making high quality custom fighting knives in the early 1940s, and since then, Randall Made knives have been the best an American fighting man could own. During the Gulf War, Randalls were carried mostly by Special Forces and Navy SEALs. This US Army Gulf War SPECIAL FORCES Navy SEAL RANDALL Fighting Knife MODEL A LEATHER SHEATH is in very good condition, with some light age soiling at the lower back, some light scattered age wear evident, and having been modified with the neat removal of the sharpening stone pocket from the lower front (ALL pictured). This modification was almost certainly done in-country to limit snagging while on patrol in the dense jungles of Vietnam. Otherwise, the sheath is in fine shape, with absolutely no rips, holes, tears, or damage to the tough brown leather construction. It features a fully functional handle retention strap and snap at the right front, and most interestingly, is stamped "RANDALL MADE KNIVES ORLANDO, FLA" at back. PLEASE NOTE: There is no knife included, only the scabbard itself is for sale. A fine example of a rare, original US Army Gulf War SPECIAL FORCES Navy SEAL RANDALL Fighting Knife MODEL A LEATHER SHEATH. Now celebrating over 10 years on eBay. and please view our other great military and aviation classics, including a rare, original US Army USMC Marine WW2

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