Army of the Cumberland Society Civil War Medal

You are bidding on a faithful RECREATION of the medal issued to members of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland .

The Society was organized on February 6, 1868: "To perpetuate the memory of the fortunes and achievements of the Army of the Cumberland; to preserve that unanimity of loyal sentiment and that kind and cordial feeling which has been an eminent characteristic of this army, and the main element of the power and success of its efforts in behalf of the cause of the Union. The history and glory of the officers and soldiers belonging to this army, who have fallen either on the field of battle or otherwise in the line of their duty, shall be a permanent trust to this Society, and every effort shall be made to collect and preserve the proper memorials of their services, to inscribe their names upon the roll of honor, and to transmit their fame to posterity. It shall also be the object and bounden duty of this Society to relieve, as far as possible, the families of such deceased officers and soldiers, when in indigent circumstances, either by the voluntary contribution of the members, or in such other manner as they may determine, when the cases are brought to their attention. This provision shall also after apply to the suffering families of those members of the Society who may in the future be called hence, and the
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