US Army Officer Visor Hat Cap MacArthur Reproduction

This is a reproduction of the hat worn by General Douglas MacArthur throughout World War Two and Korean war until he was removed by President Truman. MacArthur designed this hat along with an equally ornate uniform to facilitate his appointment as "Field Marshall of the Philippine Army". Upon reinstatement to the U.S. Army, the hat stayed with him and became the most famous hat in World War Two.

This reproduction cap is made from dark tan wool felt. The color is probabaly closer to the Officer Pink shade of the time than the light summer khaki worn by army and navy.

The eagle cap device is enbroidered to a color matched patch and then attached to the cap; rather than woven into the cover like the original.

Please note that the Visor bullion is similar to the design on the original hat shown in the photo gallery. I have seen reproductions of this hat that use the modern army visor bullion which has only three groupings of oak leaves on each side of the decoration. This one correctly features four groupings on each side.

The size is not marked but measures approximately 21 inches around. That would be about 6-7/8 to size 7. It is a small size. This is a great addition a collection of World War Two memorabilia.

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