Army Surplus Czech 5 Liter Jerry Gas Oil Fuel Can

Army Surplus Czech 5 Liter Jerry Gas Oil Fuel Can Search
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This handy and very cool little czech army surplus fuel can offers ease and convenience. Used but in excellent condition! At 5 liters it smaller than the US Jerry Can, but this baby is a whole lot more convenient to transport. The 5 gallon cans are back-breakingly heavy to carry and pour. Ever try to hold up a full one and pour into your gas tank? Not to mention it requires more room to store and mess of trying to wield the can while trying to get that spout lined up in your bike/quad gas tank or filling a lawn mower or generator tank. But this handy can fits easily in your car truck, on your quad rack, or in trailer/camper storage bins.

Secure snap top keeps fuel w it needs to be until your ready to dispense it. It also accepts the European style spout (not included). The top carry handlee makes this can easy to haul to your campsite or w ever you need a handy fuel supply.

Approx. 11�" tall x 4�" wide x 8�" deep

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