US Army Huey helicopters and OV-1 Mohawk surveillance planes in Vietnam carried several flight medical kits stationed at various points in the aircraft. Female "lift-the-dot" fasteners on the kits mated to corresponding male fasteners on the inside of the chopper, and if the aircraft were hit or forced down, the kit was simply grabbed by the handle and yanked off the wall. This US Army Vietnam HUEY CHOPPER OD Flight Survival FIRST AID KIT is in excellent condition, with some slight spot soiling and the number "80" having been lightly hand marked at back (ALL pictured). Otherwise, the kit is in excellent shape, with absolutely no rips, holes, tears, or damage of any kind to the tough rubberized OD cotton construction. It's complete with a number of its original Vietnam medical contents, including several bandages and field dressings, gauze, and sunburn cream. It's marked "FIRST AID KIT AIRPLANE" along with a somewhat worn red cross at front, and features a fully functional "TALON" darkened brass main zipper. It boasts all of the original female "lift-the-dot" fasteners, sports a fully intact top pull handle, and is a fine example of a rare, original US Army Vietnam HUEY CHOPPER OD Flight Survival FIRST AID KIT. This is the LAST of our limited stock of these fine kits. Now celebrating over 10 years on eBay. and please view our other

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