Vietnam was a new kind of war, the first helicopter war in history, and it demanded a new kind of warrior and new means of warfighting . New tactics were developed to allow battlefield commanders greater control over their troops. Many Infantry commanders orbited the battlefield in observation helicopters, monitoring the action below, and radioing in orders to their men on the ground. Regulations required that all personnel aboard helicopters wear some sort of protective headgear; high ranking officers were allowed great leeway in their choice of helmets. This US Army Vietnam MAJOR + SCRAMBLED EGGS CUSTOM PAINTED HELICOPTER HELMET is in excellent condition, with only some light aging evident to the exterior (ALL pictured). Otherwise, the helmet is in excellent shape, with absolutely no dents, cracking, or damage of any kind to the tough fiberglass construction. It started life as a standard construction helmet or possibly a baseball batting helmet, and was then acquired by a US Army officer, and custom painted with an OD crown and a black brim to match the standard US Army service dress visor cap. Most interestingly, it's beautifully custom painted with a US Army Major's rank insignia at front, and Field Grade Officer's "scrambled eggs" at the brim. The helmet sports a fully intact white nylon interior suspension, and boasts

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