Army WWI M-1 Garand 1903 Springfield Style Bayonet

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US ARMY SURPLUS STYLE 1903 Springfield M-1 Garand 20" Trench Bayonet The trench Bayonet originally used with the US M-1903 Springfield rifle and saw service in both world wars. In the second world war with the introduction on the M-1 Garand, the bayonets were cut down to a less cumbersome 14" length. This baby is still a full 20" long! Both rifles use the same mounting lugs and the 20" bayonets were still being used with the M-1 Garand in WWII. Particulary in the Pacific theater of operations. This quality reproduction bayonet comes complete with the hard (naval style) scabbard. Ready for display or mounting on your 1903 or Garand. A great collectable piece. Blood grooved blade, with lug lock hilt. Great item for the WWI/WWII era collector, knife buff, or just for display.

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