Just Around The Corner" 1938 10 Inches Diameter 16mm

"Just Around The Corner" 1938 10 Inches Diameter 16mm

Note 1: I have 5,000+ films, trailers, commercials and misc. to go through. I am going to open one box at a time and list in my spare time. I cannot look for a certain item for you. I just don't have the time anymore to preview every one of them, so I am just going to take a picture of the film and I will list just what the previous owner put on the tape that holds the film down. I will put in the description the following: Name, Length either in minutes or feet, if there is no length, I will measure the diameter of the film and list that, and anything else that is written on the tape. Remember, since I am not previewing these, it is going to be hard to answer many questions. This is going to be a WYSIWYG auction. (What You See Is What You Get). I cannot guarantee that what is written on the tape is true and correct. If I find a film that looks interesting I may preview it and you will see pictures for it. If you are outside of the Continental 48 States of the USA, please email me so I can get a correct weight and shipping quote for you.
Note 2: After the last 3 large lots of films I sold with free shipping, I didn't do very well. So, I am adding a flat cost of $3 shipping to all new 16mm film auctions. That will cover the cost of the smaller films but not the larger
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