Arrowhead 2 7/8 inches long X 1 5/8 inches wide

Interesting chubby looking arrowhead..this is 2 7/8 inches long by 1 5/8 inches wide at its widest center area..It is a tan to cream colored stone . I am not an arrowhead collector but I am selling a large collection for a senior citizen who is getting rid of some of his personal possessions after the death of his second wife..he is feeling like he needs to get rid of possessions.He has collected for many many years and he is aware that I just do not know the names of the different ones he has. I am sorry to be so non - descriptive but I am really not aware of the particulars of arrowheads. I will gladly answer a question if I can. He lives along a river in east central Illinois and really has a huge collection. Last week I sold a group for him and he said I had sold them too inexpensively...I tried to do my best and now he wants me to sell them one by I am and they are one by one..TODAY I am listing 9 of them for him..he assures me they are true artifacts and I am selling them as found and as received. Again I just don't know much about arrowheads.