Arrowhead Frame Kentucky Tennessee 22 Piece Authentic

I will be selling a large collection of arrowheads for my father in the next few months. He has over a 4000 piece collection. Most of these arrowheads come from KY TN or surrounding states. My great grandfather had a large farm on the Red river in northern TN. He has collected arrowheads for many years finding, trading or buying arrowheads putting them in frames. I will be selling those arrowheads a frame at a time. The frames are different as he liked to collect and did not care type or age. All are guaranteed authentic unless noted. If you aren't satisfied please return them and he'll gladly give you a refund. He doesn't want to misrepresent any of his collection. Bid and have fun with this large collection all frames have been appraised for more than their starting price. This frame has 22 pieces see tape for lengths