Art Deco 1920s Silver Celtic Brooch / Pin With Seashell Design Marked KELT

Selling items for my mother, her cherished collectibles, as well as from Vintage Estate Jewelry and Collectible items from other estates we have inherited and acquired over the past few years. Some estate items are newer, within the last 4-10 years, but purchased and barely worn and just stored with estate collection. Please do not expect store bought perfect new items! Our items are sold 'AS IS' or Vintage, meaning used condition, will show some signs of age, use, and wear expected with a pre-owned, used item. We will never guarantee our items to be in perfect condition, but then you would be paying department store prices! If items are clearly marked, we do not have it acid tested, especially if markings include designer’s markings. Unmarked items we have tested. If natural hairline internal cracks in stones, loose settings (that normally happen over the years) bother you, or expect perfect, then you do not want Vintage. Even jewelry that is brand new tends to have flaws. This is all Antique Art Deco/Nouveau, Victorian, Vintage and newer Collectible jewelry, all newer items have been stored and are still part of the humongous estate collection and may have been worn, but minimally. Silver jewelry with stones sometimes loosen over the years, and stones shift and accumulate hairline cracks. This is part of the charm of vintage

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