Right out of the 1930-40s is this Vintage Art Deco complete Kromaster Percolator Set consisting of Coffee Percolator, cord and coffee strainer, Sugar Bowl with lid, Creamer and Tray.

All items have butterscotch Bakelite handles (positive 409 test) with an Art Deco 3 line pattern on all that has darkened to a great orange color. All items show some wear and minor scratches. The tray shows more than just minor scratches, the tray has larger scratches with staining throughout surface.

The percolator has a small crack in the Bakelite at the base of the left side handle w the screw attaches handle to metal...this makes the handle a little loose, but still quite sturdy. The percolator works fine, holds and heats water. It stands 15" high and is 8" across.

The creamer and sugar bowl are both in good shape, minor wear. They have matching bakelite handles, no damage. They both stand about 5" tall.

Under the base of the percolator reads... Lehman Brothers Silverware Corp.// KROMASTER //New York USA Cat. No 71