Art Deco GE electric clock #4F58 Pat 1927 chrome works

Art Deco General Electric electric clock model #4F58. Stands 6 inches tall with chrome sides and sits on a black bakelite base. The clock works and has the original cord that is in good shape. The pat dates on the back reads licensed only for which originally sold Oct. 29 18, Oct. 3, 22, May 23, made under pat May 27, 24, July 14, 25 with indicators Jan 25, 27. With all the dates Iâe(tm)m not sure when this clock was made, I will go along with 1927. The face is black mirror glass with white numbers. The silver is wearing off on the top and somebody put black electrical tape on the clear glass spots...Please see pictures. I did not remove the tape and I believe the mirror can be restored. Their are no chips or cracks and the chrome is very good for the age. Also t is a light on the back that can be switched on and off, the bulb needs replaced I will leave that to the winner. No reserve, please email with questions. I received a email from a ebay collecter telling me that the glass cannot be restored. I am surprised I thought almost anything can be resored. Please read questions below, Thanks!