A beautiful Hamilton ladies watch from the fashionable art deco period. The watch is running and keeps perfect time. I am sellling this for a client (78 years old) who inherited it from her aunt. The watch and band are 14K white gold and it contains 56 diamonds, 16 on each portion of the watchband, and 24 around the face of the watch. The crown of each diamond on the watchband fills its little link - it is not a chip in the center of the link as some are. In fact, between the link channels, with a loupe you can actually see the pavilion of each stone. I was amazed! I would be real surprised if this does not contain a carat worth of diamonds. When I asked a jeweler for a verbal opinion (such as "are these real?") he stated, "yes, but they are not all full-cut stones." From that I assume that most of them are full-cut stones, each one set carefully centered into its link and each measures 2 mm across the widest part of the stone. I am not a jeweler, but with my loupe I can see that in the entire length of the band, at least five diamonds are poorly faceted (maybe these are the ones he was talking about). I believe that over the years, these were replaced in the band, and are not original to it. All of the diamonds around the face of the watch look original; they all look the same. The crystal is a beveled, flat square piece with four ... read more